Having trouble with an existing moulding?

If you already own mould tools and would like to work with a new supplier to manufacture your products, then we can help

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Transferring Your Injection Moulding

Since we were established in 1981, many companies have chosen to transfer their injection moulding to Replas, so managing this process is second nature to us.

Whether your existing supplier is letting you down on service, quality or price, we welcome any discussion about these issues to see where we can be of help.

There may be problems with the tools, (for example waterways blocked causing increase cycle times and cost or tool wear causing flash on mouldings). We would assess the condition of each tool and carry out minor repairs free of charge, and offer advice on the benefits of any further more extensive work.

Your questions answered

Two of the main issues customers foresee when relocating moulds are:

  • Will tool(s) fit our moulding machines?

We have an extensive range of moulding machines from 25 tonnes to 380 tonnes so it is likely we have machine that the tool will fit.  Most tooling will fit with no alterations, but if any are required our in house toolroom can carry these out with minimal delay.

  • Do we have experience of moulding the material?

More than likely.  We have over 30 years experience of injection moulding in a vast range of materials and an extensive network of material experts on hand to advise and support with any new requirements.  It is possible we could suggest an alternative material perhaps resulting in improved quality or reduced cost.

On top of all of this, you will continually have direct contact with the same people with overall responsibility and ability to make key decisions.

To discuss how we can help you to move to a new supplier, please contact us on 01992 553126 or email replas@replasmachinery.co.uk