Design & Development Service

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Design and Development Advice for Injection Moulding

With years of experience we are perfectly positioned to give you advice on all aspects of the design and development of your product.

Replas can offer a design service that can be catered to match your requirement and budget.  We’re just as happy and capable to work with an idea in your mind, a sketch or CAD data.  Involve us in the early stages of your project to ensure that your design is optimised for manufacture.

Moulding Prototypes & 3D Printing

We can produce handmade models and prototypes, or utilise the latest rapid prototyping methods, such as 3D printing to create a master prototype.  From this we can create a silicone mould, which provides a cost effective method of producing a larger number of prototypes in materials that can replicate the properties of the production intent material.  This can be useful for pre-production testing, trials and market research.

Pre-production Tooling for Injection Moulding

If your product requires further development, we can produce prototype or pre-production tooling so that alterations can be made before the production tooling is manufactured.

Our main objective is to make your product a success, using the most efficient and cost effective development process.

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